Mole Mapping

Mole mapping procedure Mornington skin cancer centre

Serial Digital Dermoscopic Imaging

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A Mole Map is a more thorough skin check, with close-up photos of particular moles which warrant monitoring. Mole Mapping is recommended for people with lots of moles, as well as personal or family history of melanoma. If you are not sure whether you would benefit from a Mole Map, we would recommend having a skin check first. The staff at the clinic can then advise you accordingly, depending on your skin check findings.


Just like a skin check, the examination requires the melanographer to check you from head to toe so we would again advise to have no makeup, fake tan or nail polish at the time of the appointment.

A annual Mole Mapping usually takes an hour, depending on the number of moles, individual’s skin type and condition.

Fees for Mole Mapping for Pensioners, HCC holders and Gold DVA card holders cost annually $190 per hour.

If you are not a pensioner or HCC/ Gold DVA holder, a Mole Map costs annually $230. Unfortunately there is no Medicare rebate with Mole Mapping however some private health providers offer money back, check with your provider to see if you are covered.

You do not need a GP referral to have a Mole Map- you can just book your appointment either by phone or drop by the clinic and have a chat with our friendly receptionists.